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  • Artist residency program

  • Collaborative exploration

  • Workshops

  • Original productions and curated performances

Gloaming Project is a proud sponsor of "The Ballad Tree", a multi-disciplined event inspired by Appalachian ballads.

Coming soon to Roxbury, NY!

Ballad Tree-David Kammerer_edited_edited

Gloaming Project was born during the Covid pandemic as a response to our social and political environment. It began as a series of structured collaborative improvisations between artists Djahari Clark and David Kammerer exploring isolation, longing, connection, and dissonance within the confines of quarantine. We have since opened our doors to further collaborations and explorations, creating art for the Catskill Region.

The Gloaming Project Residency offers refuge to creatives in need of rejuvenation, and inspiration. We believe creativity needs space without expectations. All disciplines considered. Invitation only.

"A true artist's escape, provided by a true, understanding artist. My short stay, that actually felt timeless, was healing in all ways. It restored my soul and set the whole year aright." - Tonus Maximus

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